All about M-R


Marie-Rose is a Filmmaker/Author, Business Advisor, and Spiritual Explorer, who blends a contemplative life in Hawaii with traveling worldwide for her media projects, speaking engagements, book tours, and film screenings.

Marie-Rose Phan-Lê has extensive experience in Film/TV production & Technology, and has led creative teams at two successful studios, as a CEO (Syntropy Studio) and COO (High Impact). She has traveled extensively from the rainforests of Peru to the heights of the Himalayas for her multiple award-winning documentary film and companion book, Talking Story (North Atlantic Books). Marie-Rose transitioned her flourishing healing practice, working one-to-one with individuals, to focusing on the one-to-many through her media projects and Business Consulting work. She enjoys applying ancient wisdom to the modern challenges of being a present, whole-hearted team leader and conscious producer of impactful media. 

Marie-Rose was born in Vietnam, emigrated to France, and later to the United States.