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Living The Blended Life

Living The Blended Life In my travels, consulting work, and private healing practice, one of the challenges of modernity that has come up most often is How To Live It... Read More

In Reverence of a Sunset

Whenever I am home, I take a lot of pictures of the sunset both on my camera and in my mind. I act as if I were a tourist who... Read More

Why I Wrote Talking Story

I wrote this book because I am a cultural anthropologist—not by trade or academic training, but by the necessities of survival. I have lived in three countries, made... Read More

The Art of Talking Story

We live in fast times. Our modern world is in a distressed state with people settling for the fast food of self-help, spirituality or transformation, reaching for it so... Read More

In The Aftermath Of An Earthquake

When I traveled to Nepal for my documentary film and book, Talking Story, I was blessed to meet with beautiful, kind people who welcomed our team into their homes, their... Read More

A Return to Intimate Connection

We need to know each other beyond social-media posts, to look each other in the eye, to extend a hand or offer a shoulder, and to be willing to look... Read More